EURASIA Culinary Show and Food Tasting

Press release : Eurasia Culinary show and Food Tasting with Italian celebrity Chef Giovanni Terracciano


The EURASIA Culinary show and Food Testing event held on the 28th of September 2021 at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels had a great success. Guests enjoyed traditional Uzbek food such as manti and had the chance to make their own. Speakers including member of the business community and the European Parliament emphasized the importance of food and diplomacy. The aim of this event was to bring people together around Eurasian food. Moreover, guests from the diplomatic world in Brussels had to chance to get to know Uzbek culture more in depth through cuisine.


Indeed, talented Italian Chef Giovanni Terracciano, made a live cooking workshop and illustrated the flavours of Uzbekistan in his dishes. Mr. Terracciano is an experienced chef who worked in Uzbekistan. He was born in Naples, Italy and graduated from Luigi de Medici di Ottaviano Hotel Management Institute.Moreover, he is also a Member of Chaine des Rotisseurs and Federation of Italian Chefs. Furthermore, participants had the chance to fold their own manti which has been a great moment of cultural sharing between European and Uzbek community.


Lastly, the event has been a great illustration of soft diplomacy and a success at the same time. In fact, food brings people together, whether at family dinners or diplomatic round tables. Particularly when accompanied by warm hospitality, food can become a powerful and tremendously effective instrument not only to share a moment of time but also to explore the richness of flavours.