Meeting with Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Antalya, Barış Gökçe

Press release of the meeting between Mr. Baris Gokce Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Antalya and Mrs. Ipek Tekdemir Secretary General of the EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group


Sunday 20th of June, a meeting between Uzbekistan’s Honorary Consul in Antalya Baris Gokce and Mrs Ipek Tekdemir Secretary General of the EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group occurred. They discussed the bilateral trade relations and the growing partnership between Turkey and the EU in the Uzbek trading market.


As a matter of fact, Mr. Gokce a successful businessman himself promoted the economic interests of Uzbekistan, including promoting Turkish investments, facilitating the export of domestic products to the markets of Antalya and Turkey, as well as the development of cultural, humanitarian, and many diverse ties. Moreover, trade plays an important role in the country’s development. It goes without saying that due to its geographical position, Uzbekistan is a key partner for both Turkey and the European Union. Consequently, the Central Asian trade market is constantly evolving making Uzbekistan the crossroad of Europe and Asia.


Therefore, the foreign policy of Uzbekistan, which is actively emphasized by Baris Gokce is founded on the values of mutual respect and mutual consideration and has made significant strides in the country's collaboration with states near and far, as well as its participation in international organizations in recent years.Furthermore, the implementation of Uzbekistan's medium- and long-term development goals will be aided by bilateral cooperation.


Indeed, the collaboration between Turkey and Uzbekistan aims to promote reciprocal investment. By the end of February 2020, the number of Turkish-owned firms had increased to 1306. Today, there are around 1700 Turkish companies established in Uzbekistan. In fact, Turkish investment projects have evolved significantly over time. Solar panel manufacturing, the establishment of mobile diagnostic clinics, the construction of a "hub of Turkish business"in Tashkent, and other initiatives are examples of successful Turkish ventures.In addition, Turkey’s location at the intersection of Europe and Asia, might become a profitable transhipment site for the selling of Uzbek goods in global markets. Thus, Turkey and Uzbekistan are strategic trade partners allowing economic growth for each side.


Nevertheless, the European Union has also sensed the potential for trade in Central Asia. The EU has been collaborating actively with Uzbekistan since the recent shift of the country’s policies. It goes without saying that recent political developments in the country have opened the way to closer international cooperation and improved the conditions for investment and growth. In 2019, the EU has become a top trade partner to all Central Asian states, including Uzbekistan, having 24,1% of the region's total trade. Additionally, the $1.2 billion deal between Uzbekistan's Ministry of Energy and the Netherlands based company Stone City Energy marks the successful way between European and Uzbek trade cooperation.



Gokce Ozciftci

Project officer at the EU-Uzbekistan Friendship Group